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HL Analytics is the IP Analytics division of Haseltine Lake. IP Analytics unlocks the power of huge international patent databases to provide you with critical intelligence on your technology markets, your competitors and the emerging innovation trends that will impact your business.

More than 70% of patent information is not published anywhere other than in the international patent databases. Haseltine Lake uses IP analysts with specialist software tools to interrogate these databases and provide you with actionable commercial insights.

Our Analytics service approaches IP from a strategic perspective, helping you to understand your competitive landscape, including:

  • what competitors are doing in your technology space.
  • whether your R&D activities run the risk of infringing existing IP owned by others – freedom to operate, novelty and watching services.
  • whether competitor activity is likely to infringe your own existing IP – validity and infringement searches.
  • what opportunities there may be to licence your technology in similar or related technical fields.

We can help de-risk your development process, help you find “white space” to target your efforts in areas with little competitor activity, and alert you to. infringement risks.

Examples of ways in which we can help are:

  • Sector patent landscapes - illustrating the range of patenting activity in a particular technological field.
  • Value chain strategies - identifying the technical fields and jurisdictions where it can be commercially critical to own patents and considering strategic patenting to block competitor activity.
  • Citation data - this may provide an early warning of a competitor patent that presents an infringement risk.
  • Greenfield markers - indicating low patent density in particular technological areas to create focus for research and development activity.
  • Competitor watch - providing regular reports on the international patenting or trade mark activity of named competitors.
  • International sector alert - evaluation of patent cases in key research and development countries, e.g. China, South Korea and Japan, in technology sectors of particular interest. Such information can be crucial for informing research and patenting strategies.

Main contacts 

David Hammond

 David Hammond - Partner, Bristol and The Netherlands

Chemistry and Life Sciences Team 

Email: dhammond@haseltinelake.com

Tel: +44 (0) 117 910 3200


Andrew Flaxman

Andrew Flaxman - Senior Associate, Bristol (UK)

Electronics and Communications Team 

Email: aflaxman@haseltinelake.com

Tel: +44 (0) 117 910 3200

Our Experts
Philipp Reichl
Philipp Reichl
Location: Munich (Germany)
Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe
Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe
Location: London (UK)
Graham Lambert
Graham Lambert
Location: Bristol (UK)
David Hammond
David Hammond
Location: Bristol (UK) The Netherlands (NL)
Robert Margue
Robert Margue
Location: Munich (Germany)

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