The patent attorney teams at Haseltine Lake Kempner are grouped into 3 technology sectors:

  • Electronics and Communications

  • Chemistry and Life Sciences

  • Energy, Environmental and Engineering 

Our core patent services include:

  • Advice on patentability - whether an idea meets the technical requirements for patenting and, if not, what else can be done to protect it.
  • Searching - investigating the novelty of an invention to determine whether related patents or know-how already exist at home or abroad.
  • Prosecution of patents - drafting and filing domestic and international patent applications and answering objections raised by examiners at the domestic and international patent granting authorities to secure the grant of commercially effective patents.
  • Watching and pre-grant challenges - monitoring competitors’ patent applications and providing evidence of invalidity to the official examiners to block competitor's applications.
  • Post-grant challenges - technical advice and assistance on how to challenge a competitor’s granted patents and how to defend challenges to your own granted patents.
  • Patent portfolio strategies - review of portfolios and advice on international protection options and opportunities aligned to markets, competitor activity, commercial IP objectives and budgets.
  • Patent Box tax opportunities - advice to UK tax paying entities on use of patents to reduce Corporation tax.
Our Experts
David Hammond
David Hammond
Location: Bristol (UK) The Netherlands (NL)
Ashley Giles
Ashley Giles
Location: London (UK)
Olivia Murphy
Olivia Crawford
Location: Bristol (UK)
David Rushton
David Rushton
Location: Bristol (UK)
Joanne Addison
Joanne Addison (née Haywood)
Location: Bristol (UK)
Unitary Patent Information Series

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