• 9U1A9915d

    Practical Tips for Avoiding the CRISPR Priority Pitfall in Europe

    The first European patent to be granted in relation to CRISPR technology (EP2771468) has recently been revoked after high-profile opposition and appeal proceedings....
  • Consumer Products I Stock _000008813254_Small

    Fancy a pint? Alcohol-related patents

    With the Christmas party season a distant, perhaps slightly hazy, memory, Dry January® is now officially in full swing for millions of people partaking in this annual event, which, as the name suggest...
  • CLG Blog image- of molecules and medicine

    Breaking News in the CRISPR Patent Wars

    The Board of Appeal at the European Patent Office (EPO) hearing the opposition appeal case on The Broad Institute’s CRISPR patent EP2771468 has dismissed the appeal and upheld the decision of the firs...
  • Bristol in Snow

    Festive inventions

    Last year, Luke Jones and Eamon Robinson explored various Christmas themed patents, from a snowball forming and launching device to a water cooler cover resembling Father Christmas. Christmas can be a...
  • CLG Blog image- of molecules and medicine

    Of Molecules & Medicine: the Chemistry of Christmas

    With just under two weeks to go to the big day everyone is getting into the festive spirit, and that includes chemical inventors! Here, we take a look at the underlying chemistry of all things Christm...
  • 9U1A9314d

    Patent Law at the UK Supreme Court 2019

    Following a bumper year of patent activity in 2018, the UK Supreme Court did not slow down in 2019, issuing judgements on obviousness, compensation and hearing cases on FRAND disputes. This blog is a ...

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