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    Book Thief? – Infringement in the world of literature

    “Words are life” – The Book Thief. Never is this more true than when said about an author, whose income and livelihood come from people paying to read (or hear, since the invention of audiobooks) the ...
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    Should graffiti be protectable?

    Graffiti has undergone a transformation of sorts in the past couple of decades. Once considered to be a blight on neighbourhoods, graffiti now draws in crowds of thousands for festivals and may even ...
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    Cycling to Success

    Cycling technology has advanced a long way over the past 200 years. Since the advent of Baron Karl von Drais’ uncomfortable-looking machines of 1817, bicycles have seen huge improvements in design, th...
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    Conversant v Huawei: The doctrine of equivalents in the telecoms sector

    The impact of the landmark Supreme Court decision in Eli Lilly v Actavis (relating to the doctrine of equivalents) has now reached the telecommunications sector with the issuance earlier this month of...
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    Ace IP – Innovations of Wimbledon

    The Championships, Wimbledon, more commonly known as “Wimbledon” is one of the sporting calendar’s most anticipated events. This year’s tournament is well into the swing of things and has already brou...
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    Trade war and China’s changing trade mark law

    A newly amended Chinese trade mark law has been approved. The amendments take place against the backdrop of an ongoing trade war between China and the USA, which has its roots in international complai...

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