Haseltine Lake around the world series 2

01 September 2015

As an international firm with clients all around the world, our attorneys are often attending industry conferences, international events and meeting clients around the globe. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to this month and where in the world our Haseltine Lake team have been.

Frances Wilding, one of our Partners at Haseltine Lake, recently visited Northern Germany to give a presentation to the region’s study association for heads of patent departments – the Arbeitskreis Patente und Lizenzen, which is organised by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. The presentation was held jointly with Ulrike Keltsch, Head of IP, Senvion GmbH and examined the next stage of the Patent Box, which will be an OECD-wide regime, for tax advantages associated with patented R&D expenditure.

Haseltine Lake has also been involved in the University of Hertfordshire’s ‘Flare’ competition this month. As part of the university’s annual business start-up competition, Elizabeth Cooper-Rolfe, one of our Partners in the London office, was on the judging panel, reviewing students’ business ideas. In this year’s winners, two start-up businesses were awarded £16,000. Since its launch in 2005, over 1,000 students and graduates have entered the competition, and over £120,000 has been awarded to 25 finalists.

Earlier in the month, Jonathan McCartney, Caroline Day and Kim Bayliss hosted a workshop for local trainees as part of CIPA Informals. There was a great turnout, with delegates coming from six local firms as well as from Industry, from as far away as Derby. Topics up for discussion included infringement and how to write a real infringement opinion, and lively debates about how to interpret different features (What makes a surface curved? How should we give that a purposive construction?). The event was finished with a BBQ and drinks. Overall it was really good training event, and everyone that attended made contact with lots of local trainees.

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