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07 September 2015

For the past three years, Haseltine Lake has run a Graduate Recruitment Scheme for those finishing university and looking to start their career as a Patent Attorney. At the end of this month our latest scheme will open and we’ll be looking for between four to six graduate recruits to join our firm.

When recruiting, we look for students who have a background in science or engineering, and successfully completed degrees or PhDs in physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering or electronics, as we believe this gives them the necessary technical expertise to excel across our business teams.

As part of the ‘Haseltine Lake Academy’, we create a dedicated and comprehensive programme for each trainee right from the start, and put them through a series of in-house training sessions, lectures and on the job training. To ensure our graduates receive the best possible advice and support they need throughout their transition into a formal career, each trainee receives a mentor from the senior management team. The mentors also help the trainees on a social level, so they can quickly find their feet in Bristol and London, as well as within Haseltine Lake.

The 12 month scheme provides a solid foundation to the beginning of their career and it gives each trainees an understanding of the business and their role before they start focusing on their exams. For all the graduates on our scheme it’s the start of their career too, and they receive the accompanying business benefits and support from Haseltine Lake. We invest heavily in our trainees and look forward to watching them succeed, qualify and enjoy a long career with Haseltine Lake.

The feedback we have received and career progression of previous graduate trainees is testament to the Academy’s success. The Academy provides graduates with the opportunity to learn how we work at Haseltine Lake, become knowledgeable about the fields we and our clients operate in, and thrive in an environment that provides a real springboard for a successful and rewarding career as a Patent Attorney.

For more information, please visit or get in touch with Susan Gregory:

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

Our Expert
Susan Gregory
Susan Gregory
Location: Bristol (UK)

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