World IP Day celebrations at Haseltine Lake

27 April 2016

Yesterday Haseltine Lake (along with the rest of the world) celebrated the annual ‘World Intellectual Property (IP) Day’.

Established by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2000, World IP Day helps to promote awareness and encourage discussion the impact patents, trade marks, copyright and designs have on day-to-day life. Each year a different theme is chosen, with this year’s theme as ‘Digital Creativity: Culture Reimagined’, in hope to create interest in how video games, TV, music, books, film and art are protected by IP in an ever-changing technological and adaptive industry.

The Haseltine Lake staff hosted a mini World IP Day celebration in the office with food, drink and games that reflected World IP Days global presence. Games included ‘Guess the logo’; winners being a tie between Hayley Spragg, Joanne Donaldson, Gemma Eddolls, Leanna Brinkley and Martin Krause who got 37/50 answers correct! The game, ‘Guess how many M&Ms in the jar’, saw Lisa Dalton as the winner who took home the jar of 1,567 M&Ms.

Guess the logos game

Did you know? Trade marked in 1950, the ‘M’ printed on the M&Ms was originally black instead of white?!

Whilst it’s been great to celebrate World IP Day, it’s important to reflect how far the IP system has come and how it works to support and encourage the innovations of individuals all around the world. For more information about this, please read Lesley Evans’ blog from Monday, here.

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