International Youth Day

15 August 2016

In celebration of International Youth Day (12th August), we talk to Emma Warner at HL Renewals about her role within the company, the path she’s taken since joining and the best advice she’s been given.

HL Renewals LLP is a wholly owned subsidiary partnership of Haseltine Lake LLP and undertakes the renewal of granted or registered patents, trade marks, designs and utility models and the payment of maintenance fees. Through its investment in specialist software and its price and service arrangements with IP renewals providers in all key IP jurisdictions, HL Renewals is able to provide a highly reliable and cost-effective global renewals service.

Emma is a Renewals Clerk at HL Renewals LLP and has been with the company for 16 months.

What is the most exciting case/challenge/area of your job, and why?

I love to come up with ideas within my job role, and to put my own imprint within HL. I was always very interested in the financial aspect of HL Renewals, and the different factors, which can affect our total revenue and coming up with ways to add to our total! After a few meetings with our Financial Manager and discussing how this can be implemented, the HL Renewals Monthly Budget Report was born. This was a very proud and exciting moment for me.

What Interests you about the role?

My role has progressed since I have been at HL, from Renewals Assistant to Renewals Clerk, and I really enjoy training our newest member to the HL Renewals Team. I love to see progression and the drive to learn in others, but I also love to encourage and help develop someone else’s skills and see them grow.

Why did you choose this career?

I was very keen to enter a career which was fresh, new and a complete contrast to my previous endeavours. I was interested to find a role which was very skill based, in the sense of developing skills I already had and obtaining new ones.

The main reason for also choosing a career within HL was how niche and interesting the job role sounded and how well established the company is. Haseltine Lake is a major European Intellectual Property practice, and provide comprehensive IP service to clients all over the world. My role within the sister company of HL- HL Renewals deals with over 20,000 renewal cases, which are made up of Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Utility Models.

I’ve always been attracted to a niche, specialist career, where I could progress within the role and put my own individual stamp on the position to make it my own.

What’s been the most valuable piece of advice you’ve been given?

To always ask questions! There are a lot of technical elements to my role and processes that need to be performed correctly as it would be costly to the company. I always ask questions, whenever I have any doubt in anything I’m working on. Asking questions within a role is so important in building confidence as an employee and as an individual.

My advice is to never be afraid to tell someone you’re not too sure, if you need them to repeat an instruction of how to do something, in the end it’s beneficial for you and for the company. It’s best to ask too many questions and get something right, than to ask no questions at all and repeatedly get something wrong.

I would love to encourage young women and men to aim to challenge themselves daily, going into a career which challenges yourself and pushes yourself to learn is the most exciting part of a working career.

We are all capable of doing anything we put our minds to.It’s all about a can do, positive approach to each working day.

Emma Warner

Emma Warner

Renewals Clerk

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