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19 December 2016

Christmas is a holiday founded on rich traditional themes and values. However, there are many bright-eyed inventors out there who have attempted to break from the traditional mould and come up with ways to reinvent Christmas. Here we highlight a few patents that aim to give an interesting twist on some classic Christmas elements.

Receiving a hand-knitted Christmas sweater from your grandparents is one of the oldest Christmas traditions. Thousands of people around the country will dig in the back of their wardrobes to find such an article of clothing to bring in the Christmas cheer! However, are there some years where you’re a little tired of the same old Christmas sweater design? Perhaps you can’t quite find the right sweater that suits you? Well these thoughts may have crossed the minds of the inventors of US patent application US 2015/0298896 A1.

US 2015/0298896 A1 is an application for a clothing decoration kit. The kit includes an article of clothing such as a sweater and a wide array of themed decorative components for Christmas. The user can then affix the decorative components to the sweater in any arrangement they like. The affixing mechanism may be a removable means such as Velcro or buttons, so the user can pick and choose certain decorative components to perfectly match the rest of their festive look. It appears the inventors were unsuccessful in obtaining a granted patent from this application as it has been abandoned. However, we salute them in their attempt to revolutionise the Christmas sweater.

US 2015/0298896 A1

Once you’ve selected your perfect Christmas sweater design, you can head to your Christmas dinner knowing you’ll have the most festive jumper. To impress your guests further you could bring along this three armed Christmas cracker. In 2013, a UK patent (GB2465026) was granted for this invention which allows an odd number of people to simultaneously pull a cracker. As described in the application, no one must wait and be left out until their turn to pull a cracker.


Also on the theme of leaving no one out, is a US granted patent for Edible Gift-Wrap for Pets (US 20130149418 A1). Any dog owners who want to include their pets in the Christmas festivities may be interested in this invention which comprises a gift box and gift wrap made from edible paper, so their pet can safely open and eat their Christmas presents. To accompany your pet’s gift, you can also give them an edible animal greeting card, as described in US patent application US 20050106289.

US 20130149418 A1     US 20050106289

So there you have it, just three of the many Christmas related patents that aim to reinvent Christmas. Although it appears many of these patents have not broken into the wider market, why not look to spice up your Christmas by looking to the world of patents.

Eamon Robinson

Eamon Robinson

Trainee Patent Attorney

Luke Jones

Luke Jones

Trainee Patent Attorney

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