Maximising the value of product design

16 May 2016

Last month we hosted a design seminar in Bristol, titled “Design rights and wrongs – maximising the value of product designs”, in collaboration with integrated innovation, research and design consultancy, Kinneir Dufort.

The seminar discussed strategies for identifying commercially valuable designs, and how to protect and enforce those that add real value to your business.

Split into three different sessions, the first break-out focused on how designs fit within the IP landscape, the way in which protecting designs can complement the three other key types of IP protection – Patents, Registered Trade Marks and Copyright – and the requirements for valid registration. 

Design seminar Bristol Michael Conway presenting

In session two we discussed specific case studies including Dettol’s No-Touch Hand Wash – looking at its design protection strategy and the role design registration played. We also discussed which aspects of a product can actually be protected – including specific features, i.e. outline shape, contours, texture and material, as well as the pattern and ornamentation – details which are all the more important following the recent Trunki case (read more click here).

Our final session looked at how businesses can enforce registered designs and the value of doing so. Not only does the registration act as a deterrent to other businesses who are thinking of using similar designs, it can be used in litigation in appropriate circumstances. The session closed with a look at the importance of identifying protectable designs as part of the IP auditing process and assessing the overall value to the business against the cost of protecting the design, as well as creating an overall protection strategy.

This was our first design-based seminar and was well-received by more than 40 industry professionals, from businesses operating in a variety of business sectors. If you would like to find out more about protecting your designs, please contact me:

Michael Conway

Michael Conway

Associate Partner

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Michael Conway
Michael Conway
Location: Bristol (UK)

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