5 must-have summer inventions

29 August 2017

Summer is nearly over, but we’ve put together our top five summer inventions that you might not know about, from the last 50 years… 

1. The Party Beach Umbrella

Why bother bringing headphones and your phone to the beach to listen to music when your beach umbrella can play music for you? This beach umbrella has an incorporated radio so that you can listen to all of your favourite songs in the shade. Whilst the radio is housed in the umbrella support, loudspeakers are positioned near the rib/canopy portion of the umbrella. (See US Publication No. 20030192579).

US Publication No. 20030192579

2. Motorised ice cream cone

Not content with having music playing from your beach umbrella? The next must-have is a motorised ice cream cone which spins the ice cream for you. What could be more relaxing than sitting back and letting the ice cream do the work for you? (See US Publication No. 5971829).

US Publication No. 5971829

3. Beach Gold Hand Ball

Could this game be the next big thing?! We’re not convinced… This beach game could be played in between some tasty ice cream from your motorised ice cream cone and relaxing to some music from your beach umbrella, and involves rolling balls into a cup entrenched into the sand. (See US Publication No. 20130017897).

US Publication No. 20130017897

4. The Beerbrella

Our personal favourite out of the list, an umbrella to keep your beer cool! The beerbrella is removably attached to a beer bottle and suitable advertisements or logos may even be applied to the beerbrella. The device may be further modified with a pivot in order to angle the beerbrella at a suitable position to block the angle of the sun’s rays. (See US Publication No. 20030075208).

US Publication No. 20030075208

5. Hydrant Sprinkler for Playgrounds

When away from the beach it’s also important to keep cool, so take a look at this sprinkler for hydrants to let children (or adults young at heart) cool off on the playground. We’re not, however, convinced that this is an efficient use of water! (See US Publication No. 2759766).

See US Publication No. 2759766

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