Haseltine Lake around the world series 15

28 February 2017

2017 is already proving to be a busy year for everyone here at Haseltine Lake, with plenty of travel, events and exciting new challenges underway. See what we’ve been up to in this month’s edition of our around the world blog…

In January 2017, Sandeep Basra attended the Global IP Convention in New Delhi. She was then joined by David Brown in Mumbai and Hyderabad, where they met with new and existing contacts from chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

Plans for a new year-long health and wellness programme, “HL Well!” were unveiled in early January, which aims to improve the health and welfare of Haseltine Lake employees by focusing on different aspects of wellbeing. “Let’s get moving” January and “Back and Core Strength” February have already been launched and focused on getting people up and moving around the office and sitting correctly at their desks. Other planned activities will focus on the themes of Healthy Eating at Work for March and Stress Management for April.

Emma Bevan attended an event at The British Library Business & IP Centre entitled, "How to Attract the Right Investors - Crowdfunding, Angel Funding, VCs” on 19 January, which was hosted by The Funding Game. Later on in the month, Greg Ward, Chris Grieves and Emma Bevan all attended the monthly coffee morning at the Digital Catapult offices entitled, "Digital Catapult Coffee Morning: Business Briefing", hosted by the Digital Catapult team and industry experts.

On 28 January 2017, we celebrated the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Rooster. Characteristics of the Rooster include being observant and hardworking, especially with regards to the individual’s career and wealth, they are particularly courageous when it comes to career choices and personal development. They can also be independent, capable and quick-minded, and their ambition is believed to bring them plenty of success.

Lisa Williams attended the Space Business Innovation Day on 2 February, at the European Space Agency (ESA) Business Innovation Centre (BIC) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. Haseltine Lake is a partner of ESA-BIC and held one-on-one meetings at the event, with various start-up companies looking to integrate space technology and data into their business. Industry professionals explored the opportunities space can offer, with presentations and workshops led by key figures from the industry.

Lastly, in mid-February, Isobel Finnie led a roundtable discussion at the third Biotech & Money conference in London, highlighting the pivotal role intellectual property plays within the sector. Stressing the importance of having a robust intellectual property position and the need for long-term investment within the industry, Isobel Finnie led an expert roundtable with biotech professionals and inventors at this year’s Biotech & Money conference. They discussed patenting strategies, freedom to operate, IP ownership and IP arising from different stages of product development. Isobel also formed part of an expert UK and EU Tech Transfer panel, titled “Accelerating promising programs for VC and pharma”, discussing the innovative approaches currently being taken, and the outcomes they are affecting to support early stage development.

It's been a busy time at Haseltine Lake, but we look forward to exciting plans, trips and events in March. Watch this space…

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