Launch of “HL Well!”

21 February 2017

In January, Haseltine Lake launched “HL Well!” – an exciting year-long initiative to promote and practice good health and wellbeing within the HL offices.

The idea for ‘HL Well!’ came from an employee consultation in 2016, where colleagues reported they wanted to do more for their own health and wellbeing, and of course, we listened! ‘HL Well!’ has been designed to maintain a good awareness of wellbeing and spark a continuing debate within our business about ways to stay energised, motivated and healthy in the office.

Each month, we are all given a new, fun and engaging challenge focusing on a different aspect of colleague wellbeing. Colleagues from our London, Bristol, Munich and The Hague offices are all taking part in the challenges and teaming up for some friendly inter-team competition.

The first focus for the year is “Let’s get moving”, aiming to encourage everyone in the firm to get up from their desks and move about the office. For January, pedometers were provided and we held an inter-team competition, “The Step Challenge”, which was based on the number of steps taken during the working hours. The team with the highest step count at the end of the working week would be declared the winner. The Step Challenge also resulted in greater use of the stairs, more standing meetings and phone calls, visits to the furthest possible watercoolers and lots of lunchtime walks. We’re pleased to report that all staff who took part feel much healthier and more active as a result, and we congratulate the Accounts team who won the challenge!

Penny, Fraser, Clare and Sophie with their pedometers

During February, we’ve been focusing on back and core strength in our “Sit Well” challenge. For this month, we’ve all been educated on the importance of having a good sitting posture – especially for extended lengths of time and the importance of stretching and keeping moving which follows on nicely from our January theme.

Correct sitting posture

To encourage this the London and Bristol offices have been given stability balls (also known as Swiss balls) which are great for developing core muscles and can really help you to focus on your posture (on the basis that if you don’t you may fall off)! In the Munich office stability stools are being used - upholstered seats on flexible pedestals which challenge the core muscles and posture in a similar way. We’ve had some really positive feedback from colleagues and it’s great to see everyone sitting better at their desks and having a go at the core exercises and stretches.

Emma Warner using a stability ball at her desk

Throughout the course of the “HL Well!” campaign, all colleagues have access to an array of information sources about how to stay well at work. Other planned activities will focus on the themes of “Healthy Eating at Work” for March and “Stress and Anxiety” in April.

Follow our monthly blogs to find out how our staff are getting on with the HL Well Challenges each month

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

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Susan Gregory
Susan Gregory
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