HL Well! The big July walk out!

05 July 2017

Our HL Well initiative is now in full force, with activities and challenges taking place throughout our offices - infused water cocktails, head massages, core strength exercises, healthy baking ideas, yoga, nourishing snacks, desk stretches and lots more!

Our January “Let’s get moving” theme, along with the rather competitive “Step challenge” (see our previous blog here) proved so popular amongst our colleagues that we’ve decided to bring back the walking theme - everyone can get involved no matter the fitness level!

So this month we are looking to break loose from the office confines and take HL Well outdoors by encouraging our colleagues to take a break from their desks and head outside for a few minutes for some fresh air, stretch their legs and maybe even boost their vitamin D levels (sunshine permitting).

Sometimes underrated as a form of exercise, walking comes with a range of health benefits such as reducing the risk of illnesses - asthma, strokes and heart disease while also building up your main muscle groups and boosting your circulation. Taking a short walk during your lunch break or even walking to and from work can clear your head and have you re-focused for the next task ahead, a healthier alternative than a sugary treat!

If you’re looking to get fit in an “un-strenuous” way, we say, get off your seat and head out into the sunshine for a short stroll - So go ahead – walk out!

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

Our Expert
Susan Gregory
Susan Gregory
Location: Bristol (UK)

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