Haseltine Lake takes up the “Challenge 24” for Worldwide Cancer Research

06 June 2017

We’ve written before about our partnership with Worldwide Cancer Research and our commitment to focus our 2017 charitable activities to support this great charity. As you’re no doubt aware, Worldwide Cancer Research and its scientists have achieved an array of significant breakthroughs in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment across a wide range of cancer types – we are thrilled to be part of their exciting journey!

To kick off our fundraising activity, we’ve chosen to dedicate this month to the so called ‘Challenge 24’, combining it with our existing ‘HL Well’ programme that focuses on the well-being of the Haseltine Lake employees.

So what’s the ‘Challenge 24’ all about? “Challenge 24” is an initiative of Worldwide Cancer Research that encourages people to donate £24 to the charity by giving something up or committing to doing something for 24 days or 24 times and donating a £1 each day. The magic number is “24”because £24 funds one hour of cancer-fighting research – an hour that could lead to a breakthrough that will one day save a life. Worldwide Cancer Research, with scientists throughout the world, is working hard to beat cancer 24 hours a day!

With this in mind, Haseltine Lake staff from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands will be giving up their bought coffees for 24 days, doing a gym session every day for 24 days, running a marathon in 24 days or committing to other healthy activities for 24 days, all with the view to “earn” £24 to fund an hour of research at Worldwide Cancer Research. All the funds raised will be matched by the firm.

To donate to our chosen charity and support our fundraising activities, please follow the link: www.race-nation.com/donate/495

For more information about Worldwide Cancer Research, please visit: www.worldwidecancerresearch.org

Natalia Koniakhina

Natalia Koniakhina

Head of Marketing

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Natalia Koniakhina
Natalia Koniakhina
Location: Bristol (UK)

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