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21 March 2017

Now three months into our HL Well initiative, we are moving around a little more, standing up more often and sitting a little straighter. We have focused on March’s theme, “Eat Well at Work” which we hope will make a healthy difference in the working lives of our Haseltine Lake employees.

This month we turned our attention to having ‘healthy’ debates about what eating well during the working day means to each of us and to share tips, ideas and even recipes for (portable) food that we can enjoy.

Although many of us try to keep a healthy diet in the office, often this is the first aspect to fall foul when we get busy, particularly if there are bakeries, sandwich and confectionary shops nearby – which challenges even the most iron-willed of us! This is also not helped by the confusing advice there is out there. There are scores of diet plans and eating regimes for vitality and sports performance, weight loss and weight gain making the whole topic of healthy eating a minefield!

Throughout March we have focused on different topics, tackling the theme in bitesize chunks!

  • We spent time looking at what the healthiest sandwich options are, and other healthier lunchtime alternatives to sandwiches or for those wanting to try something different. In a quest to being healthy, cutting down on carbs – which often leave us feeling sluggish and bloated – seemed like one of the easiest options. We also looked at our lunchbox favourites, discussing the best shop-bought choices and where we can buy them locally.
  • Snacks we rely on to give us energy throughout the day and it’s hard to know what we can indulge on – without reaching for sugar! We already offer fruit in the office, so we researched what is the best type of fruit to eat for that all important energy boost. There is a lot of hype around cereal and protein bars, and whether they are healthy or not is still much to be deliberated, in this case we considered easy home recipes for tray bakes and cereal bars, that didn’t include any extra sugar – mmm! 
  • We also launched our own HL Bake Off. Healthier, yet still indulgent treats, are on the menu, which may not strictly be healthy but are more suitable alternatives. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while! 

A healty alternative - Low carb cake

So far this month has been a great way to discuss and share great top tips to try and be that little more health conscious in the office, all whilst proving it can be done with minimal effort and smart decisions. We have been trying new foods and recipes together, and have really enjoyed it!

Be sure to read up on next April’s blog which focuses on “Think Well”!

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

Our Expert
Susan Gregory
Susan Gregory
Location: Bristol (UK)

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