HL Well! Power of the Positive!

17 October 2017

September’s HL Well theme had been all about the “Power of the Positive”, encouraging positive energy, positive thinking and positive interaction throughout Haseltine Lake. Our goal - to respond with good humour and positive energy, whatever life throws at us!

There were three unified elements to September’s theme; ‘positive energy’, ‘think positive, speak positive’ and ‘positively creative’.

Positive energy
To get the positive energy flowing and shrug off workplace sleepiness, staff were encouraged to do regular desk stretches, stand up and move around the office, taking in some fresh air and of course, maintaining hydration. Back by popular demand were the ingredients for more revitalising infusions, which included an array of energising snacks, such as boosting bars and nuts.

Think Positive, Speak Positive
“Neg-pig”, the little red swear box, was introduced to all offices as a way of motivating everyone to express themselves in more positive tones, rather than grumping, moaning and swearing when things got stressful. All proceeds from the Neg-pigs went to the Haseltine Lake’s chosen charity, Worldwide Cancer Research. The Neg-pigs will be here to stay as a reminder that our words and thoughts are powerful and can inspire, motive and invigorate ourselves and others. Oink!

HL Neg-pig

Positively Creative
And finally, a few activities and challenges had been set to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. This involved origami lessons, Tai Chi and even a Play-doh modelling competition.

Bristol office origami lesson

Did you know? Origami is the Japanese word for paper folding. ORI means to fold and KAMI means paper. Together, they form the word, "Origami."

After some intense Play-doh moulding from each team, the judges decided it was a tie for first place between the Bristol Chemistry and Life Sciences team and the Bristol Electronics team! This was a very hard decision as great thought and creativity had gone into all the models. Special commendations also went to:

  • The Accounts team for the best referencing of “HL Well” themes
  • The Munich office for the biggest array of models
  • And the London Electronics team for the wackiest set of figures

Play-doh competition

A neutron walks into a bar and says, “I’d like a beer. How much will that be?” The bartender replies “For you? No Charge!” Finally, the “HL Well – Joke of the Day” was introduced, a funny (or not so funny) joke for every day of the week during September, to start the day on a good note!

So after taking some time out to get creative and competitive, we hope our colleagues now feel more energised and positive and, most importantly, ready for next month’s HL Well theme!

Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

Our Expert
Susan Gregory
Susan Gregory
Location: Bristol (UK)

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