Everyday Mindfulness - National Stress Awareness Day

07 November 2018

There’s no denying that work can be stressful, and while some stress is fine, other stress, or too much stress can have a negative effect on us. Being aware of stress in the workplace is extremely important as it’s part of being a good employer to ensure your colleagues are happy at work. As it’s National Stress Awareness Day we thought we’d share of the things we recommend to our colleagues to help them combat stress.

Haseltine Lake promotes mindfulness as a way to reduce stress. Mindfulness is a hot topic these days, just like meditation.  It is getting a lot of attention in the news as more studies come out showing the benefits.  While it might sound like a New Age term or maybe psychobabble to some, there is real evidence that being more mindful can help us in our everyday lives and improve our mental wellbeing.The beauty of mindfulness is it doesn’t take hours sitting in the lotus position!

But what actually is mindfulness and how can you do it?

Mindfulness is simply about paying attention to the present moment, to your thoughts and feelings, and to the world around you. If you aren’t sure about how to do this then don’t worry because we have put together some quick and easy ways to add a little mindfulness to your day.

While Walking

If during the day you do at least ten or fifteen minutes undisturbed walking then you could try a little walking mindfulness meditation.

  • Concentrate on the sensation of your feet touching the ground
  • Then focus on your breath or move attention around your body, part by part

The key is to develop a sort of relaxed attention. If your walk is in a park or green space of some kind then you have a perfect opportunity to do a little more mindfulness meditation.

  • As you stand, sit or walk, try to become more aware of the nature around you. See the different types of leaves, hear the bird calls, the wind and distant rumble of traffic, sense the air moving over your skin.

While Listening

Any time that’s convenient, try a little mindful listening. We get used to a lot of the sounds around us, such as the tapping of keyboards, car engines and, at this time of year, a lot of sneezing and coughing in the office. The aim of this mindfulness exercise is to tune these noises out. Another way to do mindful listening is to put on some music and either really focus on it for a short period or, alternatively, to not focus at all and instead let the music wash over you, trying not to let your mind wander.

While Breathing

At any time during the day, take a moment to focus on one breath. Breathe in, then breathe out. Focus your attention on how this feels, where you notice the air moving, how your chest and abdomen move.

The above mindfulness techniques are all things that people can do during a normal day and while the steps may seem small, you might be surprised at the effect they can have. So if you feel your stress levels rising, why not give mindfulness a try?

If you would like more information on mindfulness then Mind have lots of really useful information on their website (https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/drugs-and-treatments/mindfulness/#.W9L_NZNKiUk).


Susan Gregory

Susan Gregory

HR Manager

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