World Toilet Day - Fab-loo-lous Inventions

19 November 2018

World Toilet Day is a day dedicated to encouraging people to take action to ensure that everyone in the world has a safe toilet by 2030. While this may not be the most glamorous cause, it certainly is an important one because contaminated water and soil can lead to serious illness and death. On this day, many organisations and charities come together to work towards their shared goal.

To show our support of the day and to help it gain the publicity it deserves we thought we would write a toilet themed blog post. So sit back and relax because here are some fab-loo-lous toilet themed inventions.

Patent 63020702

Nowadays lots of people seem to take their phone to the toilet with them but, this has inevitably led to a rise in insurance claims for water damage, with dropping a phone into the loo being a common cause. This invention is designed to stop this issue by creating a frame which is purpose built to hold your phone while you use the facilities. The frame is equipped with a so called ‘anti-escape plate’ so that you can secure your phone in place. The application states that this invention will allow people to watch videos on their phone more comfortably while using the loo. Think budget home cinema in the bathroom. 

 Toilet Patent Image 1

Patent 61197366

A toilet controlled by WiFi meaning you can use your phone, tablet or PC to operate it. No need to touch any part of the toilet so it is definitely more hygienic than your regular loo set up. A good use for these could be in public toilets everywhere to help to prevent the spread of germs.

Patent 45859060

Whatever your toilet habit of choice this design will deliver. It’s a toilet which comes with an audio reading module (for the book lovers), AM/FM radio and a telephone module (although, I’m not sure that having a telephone built into your toilet is a brilliant idea). In addition to this it has a number of cleaning functions, including that it will automatically disinfect itself. Entertaining and hygienic, the perfect toilet combination.

Patent 65140032

Don’t you just hate it when you go to the loo and someone’s fiddled with the settings? Well, actually my toilet only has two settings: toilet seat up and toilet seat down but patent 65140032 not only introduces a number of mod cons to enhance the toilet experience, such as heater settings, flush settings, display setting or user interface settings, it also has sensors in the toilet seat and foot scale meaning it can identify the person using it and then ensure the correct settings are in place based on your preferences. It can also provide you with weight updates, enables you to play music from a portable device or you can access music from the built in cloud based music service. Pretty nifty.

Toilet Patent Image 2

Patent 64659243

How about a massage while you’re on the loo? Using magnet-therapy massaging this toilet seat has toilet seat and back plate massage functions. The abstract states that it will relieve fatigue and a free massage is always appealing.

Toilet Patent Image 3

I guess the general consensus was that going to the loo can be a bit dull because these inventions take toilet entertainment to the next level. Now back to reality where most of us have plain toilets which don’t play music or clean themselves, maybe one day!

Find out more about World Toilet Day here:

Bethany Brown

Beth Brown

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