The rise of Vaping technology

05 September 2018

In the UK, the ban on public smoking appeared to have paved the way for vaping, with new and bespoke vaping shops springing up on the high street ever since. Vaping presents itself as a modern “healthier” alternative to the antiquated tradition of smoking, and it is reassuring to know that the portable vaporiser concept was founded with good intentions.

Most people may be surprised to discover that the concept of vaping dates back to the 1920’s. The origins of the device appear to be in health and well-being in a patent filed by Joseph Robinson in 1927, with figures which could easily be confused with the designs for SpaceX’s Falcon 9. Joseph’s patent is directed to an electric vaporizer for holding medicinal compounds which are electrically (or otherwise) heated to produce vapours for inhalation. However, the risks associated with breathing through a tube lined with an asbestos insulating ring may have somewhat outweighed any improvements it provided with regard to throat or head afflictions.

Recreational vaping is still not as new as you may think, Herbert A Gilbert filed a patent in 1963 relating to vaporising a flavour cartridge. His device more specifically related to a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette comprising an external tube, a flavour cartridge and heating means. The cartridge is said to have air passages for permitting air to be drawn past the flavour cartridge for inhalation by the user at the mouthpiece. Gilbert’s design is more closely aligned with the vaporisers seen on the streets today, which are used for getting a calorie free flavour fix, and thankfully loses the asbestos from the design.

Vaping technology is still developing even now. Market competition is leading companies to try and deliver the next big innovation in vaping tech.

Nu Mark Innovations Ltd have developed a Hot-Wire Control system for temperature control. Their first application for the technology dates back to 2012. The temperature control system allows the user to configure the vaporiser to realise optimal conditions for atomisation and smoke generation in an e-Cig, while avoiding hotspots and burning of the atomizer. The same company, Nu Mark innovations Ltd, have taken the technology one step further in 2013 to deliver a user device controlled vaporiser. If you’re interested in keeping your mates updated with how much you’ve vaped, or in vaping stats for competition or otherwise, this technology will be perfect for you. The user device controlled vaporiser allows the user to connect their vaporiser to their laptop or smart phone and then control smoke properties, monitor operations, adjust settings, and/or receive product notifications or offers through the device's communication with the vaporised. The device also enables connections to various websites on the internet for usage tracking or social networking.

Whilst some manufacturers have been designing interfaces and data tracking options, other manufacturers have been focussing on keeping you vaping throughout the day. If you’re a heavy vaper, but don’t want to have to vape through a large cumbersome device, it’s ok, Beyond Twenty LTD have been working on a device just for you. First filed in 2014, the Beyond Twenty technology looks at a carry case which can keep your vaporiser topped up both with electricity and your preferred flavour liquid!

If the added heat and extended portability of these concepts don’t quite have you sold, look no further than Revolutionary electronic design LLC’s vending concept. The concept was first filed in 2014 and relates to filling your vaporiser directly with your preferred flavour liquid. What’s more, the design includes a mixing module and a software interface to allow you to adjust, modify and customize amounts of flavour extract, menthol, nicotine levels and other ingredients allowing the creation of a perfectly customised compound of liquid just for you!

It seems that in the not too distant future, separate vaporisers may become a thing of the past with Vaportronix having designed a phone case vaporiser. Vaporcade have even gone one step further with a phone designed specifically for vaping, allowing you to indulge both addictions in one package! 

Robert Topley

Robert Topley

Trainee Patent Attorney

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