Inventions to improve your snowball throwing game

15 January 2019

If the weather this year is going to be anything like last year then one thing is for certain- we need to prepare for snow. Let’s face it, when it comes to snow, England isn’t great. You look at countries like Canada, Finland or Germany, and thirty plus centimetres of snow are no problem for them. They’ll strap on some skis, dig out and grit the roads and life goes on as normal. In England we cope a little differently. In the cities more than a centimetre of snow is enough to send everything to a grinding halt; schools are closed, public transport stops running and generally everything gets a bit tricky. With that in mind, we have a lot to prepare if we want to get ready for any potential snow this year and that is what this article is about because, if you really want to be ready for any snow, it’s all about preparing for snowball fights.

People of any age can enjoy a good snowball battle but not all people have equal snowball making and throwing skills. If you’re someone who feels that they are lacking in the snowball skill department, or you just want to take your game to the next level, then one of the below inventions may be perfect for you.

Snowball forming and throwing toy

Looking a bit like a small basket on the end of a stick, this invention aims to solve the problem with previous snowball forming and throwing toys whereby the accuracy of the throw is affected by the “reduced pressure which develops in the hollow tubular handle”. This device has a hollow handle and several holes which can be covered and opened to increase throwing accuracy. The internal pattern of the cup is designed to loosen the packed snow so as to avoid injuries when hard, icy snowballs are thrown. Alternatively, the item can be used as a “bugling-type noise maker” where the holes, previously used to increase throwing accuracy, can be used in a similar way to the holes on a recorder. Because, obviously, snowball fighting and bugling are a classic combination.

Snowball patent image 1

Snowball gun toy

An actual working gun, kit out with a barrel, a magazine, chambers for the snowballs and a cocking mechanism. A propelling mechanism will send your fired snowball flying through the air and a rotating mechanism will make sure the magazine has moved to place the next snow ball in chamber for non-stop snowball fighting fun. Want to live out your crime fighting fantasies in the snow, channel your inner Clint Eastwood or act out basically any Quentin Tarantino movie? Then this is the invention for you.

Snowball patent image 2

Launching device and method

If a snowball gun is your thing but, you’re after something a bit more futuristic, then we’ve got you covered. If you’re not into westerns and Blade Runner is more your cup of tea then take a look at this contraption. The device is designed with a mechanism to prevent rocks or snow covered rocks from being fired, because, as we all know, cheating isn’t cool.

Snowball patent image 3

Scoring device and methods for scoring a snowball fight

Snowball fighting may look like it’s all fun and games, but as any serious snowball fighter will tell you: it’s not about taking part, it’s about winning. But, how to determine a winner? As with all fights, snowball fighting is a messy thing, with snow flying around all over the place it makes it rather hard to determine who the champion is. But fear not, because you can settle those squabbles with this snowball scoring device. Kit out each of your players with a target strapped to their chest, as seen on the image below. The device is designed so that when snow hits the target it will slide into the “scoring chamber” below. A stopper element is included to stop snow falling out when you bend down to gather more ammo. At the end of the game, all you need to do is look at how much snow is in each persons “scoring chamber” to determine the victor.

Snowball patent image 4

So, if it snows this year, don’t worry about gritting the road or spending time digging out a route for your car, focus on your snowball game instead, it’ll definitely be more entertaining!

Bethany Brown

Beth Brown

Marketing Coordinator

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