The European Unitary Patent - real progress at last

11 December 2012

After decades of discussions, negotiations, disagreements and compromises, today the European Parliament has finally agreed on a unitary patent package - paving the way for a pan-European patent and a pan-European patent litigation system at last.

A summary of the package and its planned impacts on the European IP systems is provided on the European Parliament's news section via the link at the bottom of the page.

The next steps to be taken are for the Council to formally adopt the two Regulations by the end of this year and for the contracting states to sign the Agreement on a Unified Patent Court early next year. The first unitary patents could then be granted and litigated in January 2014, at the earliest.

For further reading, the latest drafts of the legislation texts can be found here (please copy and paste the URLs into your browser)

Regulation on creation of Unitary Patent protection:

Regulation on translation arrangements for Unitary Patent protection:

Unified Patent Court for patent disputes:

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