And now we wait - EUP enters ratification stage

20 February 2013

At a meeting of the Council of Europe held on 19 February 2013, the 24 Member States signed the International Agreement establishing a Unified Patent Court (UPC). Bulgaria and Poland who did not sign are expected to do so soon following some further internal authorisation processes. Spain has elected not to sign but may do so at a later stage. 

The signing of this agreement endorses the third and final part of the EuropeanPatent Package. The other two parts – the Unitary Patent agreement and the agreement on translation arrangements - were endorsed in December 2012.

The European Patent Package Agreements will enter into force once they have been ratified by 13 Member States. The ratification process within each Member State is different, and it may therefore take some time to reach the required 13 signatures.

You can monitor progress via the following link:


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Robert Margue
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