The “Patents Ryder Cup”?

26 September 2014

As Europe and America compete for the 40th Ryder Cup at Gleneagles how do the two territories compare in the patent stakes?  The graph below shows the patents published in Europe and the USA over the last decade and it is clear that America commands the leader board and that the gap is widening.

Golf chart

The USA leads the field in patents relating to golfing equipment. There are patents relating to golf balls, golf clubs, golf trolleys and buggies, sportswear and training aids. Here are just a few: 

Training Aids: Patent US8840483B1 by Kinetek Sports discloses a device, system and method for evaluating the swing of a piece of athletic equipment. This training-aid device allows the user to monitor their performance based on individual movements, and also for their overall performance within a game. In one embodiment the device could sit on the end of the club as shown adjacent. A microphone, an accelerometer, and a microcontroller could be used to detect a stroke, ball strike, and track the position of the club. 

 Golf training Aid


Golf Clubs: Patent US8840487B2 by Nike Inc, details golf club shaft and head structures for increasing a desired performance, e.g. to reduce/increase the amount of power transferred  from the golf club to the ball. In some arrangements of this present invention, the golf club may be configured to receive the shaft of the club at different positions along the crown of the golf club head.

Gold club


Golf Accessories: Patent EP26377753B1 by Gérard Dubois describes a portable automatic ball and tee positioner. The golfer using this device can remain standing whilst driving the tee into the ground with the ball balanced on top of the tee. Adjustments can be made to allow for desired heights at each tee off. 


Golf accessories


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