The Final Legislative Step for the UK to Ratify the UPC Agreement

29 June 2017

The UKIPO confirmed on 26 June that the secondary legislation, namely the “Order on Privileges and Immunities”, for the Unified Patent Court (UPC) had been laid before Parliament, with equivalent legislation for Scotland to be discussed in the Scottish Parliament in the near future.

This is an essential development as, once the legislation has been passed, the UK will be in a position to formally ratify the UPC Agreement. The Orders implement the Protocol on Privileges and Immunities and gives the Unified Patent Court its legal capacity in UK law. They will be debated in each House of Parliament, with the Scottish Order to be debated in the Scottish Parliament.

The UPC’s Preparatory Committee confirmed that the original timetable for introducing the UPC and the UPC Agreement had to be pushed back. Clearly, the unexpected general election in the UK delayed this process and, therefore, a new opening date will be announced in due course.

Our Expert
George Tebbutt
George Tebbutt
Location: Bristol (UK)

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