Haseltine Lake successfully defends Ideal Home Show against Trade Mark infringement claim

10 December 2013

Press statement

Haseltine Lake’s litigation team have successfully defended the owner of the Ideal Home Show (Media 10 Limited) against a trade mark infringement claim brought by the owner of Ideal Home Magazine (IPC Media Limited) in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC). 

The parties have co-existed in the home interest arena for almost 100 years. However, in August 2012, the Magazine brought proceedings against the Show for infringement of a registered trade mark for (amongst other things) online retailing. The claim was brought in connection with the Show having launched its online shop, the Ideal Home Show Shop, in mid-2012. 

The claim was rejected by the court on the basis that, since about 1920, the name “Ideal Home”  as a trade mark in the home interest field has denoted either the business of the Show or that of the Magazine, depending on the context in which it was used. The judge concluded that any confusion caused by the Show’s use of “Ideal Home Show” as a trade mark for online retailing is no more than is to be expected as a result of the long concurrent use of the name. As such, the claim against the Show failed. 

Martin Krause, partner and trade mark litigator, who led the Haseltine Lake team, said “the court’s decision reflects the commercial reality for the Ideal Home name; both the Show and the Magazine have built up significant overlapping goodwills under the name in the home interest market and over a very long time. In these circumstances, neither party should be able to stop the other exploiting its goodwill outside of the core Ideal Home business of the other, and the court has now confirmed that neither can do so.”

 Media 10’s CEO, Lee Newton, welcomed the decision saying “this allows our business to continue growing the Ideal Home brand. In this changing world, brands - particularly those that have been running for over one hundred years - are important to the growth of any business. Where traditional methods of retailing and marketing are being overtaken by the strength of the digital world, having the right to exploit a trusted household name like Ideal Home using digital media is paramount”.


Notes to editors:

  • Media 10 Limited is a small, privately-owned publishing and exhibition company which acquired the Ideal Home Show from the Daily Mail group in 2009. Since rescuing the Show, Media 10 have successfully returned it to its former glory and status as Britain’s biggest and best-loved consumer exhibition.
  • Haseltine Lake LLP represented Media 10 Limited in conjunction with barristers James Mellor QC and Jessie Bowhill of 8 New Square.
  • The case was heard in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court on 31 October  and 1 November 2013 by John Baldwin QC, sitting as a Deputy Judge.
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Martin Krause
Martin Krause
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