Andrew Flaxman (Senior Associate) - Bristol (UK)

Andrew Flaxman

Senior Associate

Job Title

  • UK and European Patent Attorney


  • MPhys Physics and the Universe (University of Reading)


  • Electronics and Communications
    • Electronics
    • Computing
    • Electrical
  • Energy, Environmental and Engineering
    • Energy
    • Aerospace, defence & marine
    • Medical

Andrew started his career as a patent attorney in 2006, working for a large firm in London and Bristol. He qualified as a UK patent attorney in 2010 and as a European patent attorney in 2011. Andrew joined the Bristol office of Haseltine Lake in 2016.

A Master's degree in Physics and the Universe from the University of Reading has provided Andrew with a broad physics background relevant across various sectors. Andrew has acted for UK and overseas clients across a diverse range of technologies, but specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the physics, computing and software fields.

Over the past few years, Andrew has handled patent applications relating to many aspects of smartphones and tablets, including touchscreens, device construction and manufacture, graphical user interfaces and software. Andrew also has experience prosecuting cases in the field of ophthalmic laser surgical systems.

Andrew has represented clients at a number of hearings before the European Patent Office (EPO) and the UK Intellectual Property Office, and has been involved with a number of oppositions and appeals at the EPO.

Contact Andrew Flaxman (Senior Associate)
Address Redcliff Quay,
120 Redcliff Street,
BS1 6HU United Kingdom
T: +44 (0) 117 910 3200
F: +44 (0) 117 910 3201

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