Ratification progress

The map below shows the progress of the ratification process. As of May 2019, sixteen EU states have completed ratification, including France and the UK (two of the three key states required to ratify in order for the UP system to come into force, along with Germany).

The ratification process in Germany is held up by a court action questioning compliance of the UP system with German law.

Although ratification of the UPC agreement is proceeding, insufficient states have provided approval for a provisional application phase of the UPC to begin. This phase will involve final preparations for the UPC, such as the recruitment of judges.

In view of the various delays, the UPC Preparatory Committee no longer maintain an expected timetable for entry into force of the UP system.

Map of EuropeFor a  list of the European states and their ratification status, click here.

Note: The colour-coded map was created using a web-based tool developed by www.mapchart.net/europe.html

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