Strong and enduring client relationships.

The ethos of any business is hard to convey. What differentiates Haseltine Lake Kempner from the huge array of European IP service providers? What is it like to work with us?

The greatest compliment that a client can pay us (and many do) is to say that we are like an extension of their own organisation. That is what we strive for – to understand our clients' businesses sufficiently that we can contribute in a really integrated way, adding depth, value and creativity. To achieve the close and enduring client relationships that we are working towards, we have to be extremely flexible – willing to deliver our services, share our knowledge and structure our pricing in a way that fits with the business model for each individual client. What more do you need? What more can we do? Are we getting it right? We ask you and ourselves these questions all the time and they present our greatest challenges and our most satisfying rewards.

Adapting to clients’ changing needs.


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