Clarity, flexibility and fairness.

Intellectual Property services are complex and throughout the world there are a range of ways in which they are commissioned and paid for. This can give rise to costs that clients find it hard to budget for, to keep track of and to perceive the value of.

In response to client feedback, we have been working for some time on simplifying our pricing structures and creating greater clarity. Our overriding aim is to achieve fair pricing – that is pricing which our clients perceive as fair to them and which we perceive as fairly recognising the experience and technical capabilities that Haseltine Lake Kempner can offer.

Pricing of complex services is never easy, but we are always open to discussions and to finding the pricing model that works most effectively for each individual client. This might involve fixed pricing, draw down contracts, job-or activity-based pricing, retainers or a host of other possible models.

Tailored price solutions.

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